Lee County Monitoring Approaching Low-Pressure System
Lee County Monitoring Approaching Low-Pressure System
Posted on 12/15/2023
City Hall

Lee County monitoring approaching low-pressure system

Fort Myers, FL, Dec. 15, 2023 – Lee County Public Safety is monitoring an approaching front capable of producing heavy rain and high winds. Staff are in regular contact with our partners at the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service rainfall forecast remains at 2 to 3 inches during the next seven days, with locally higher amounts possible, and damaging wind gusts. 

Lee County Natural Resources and the Lee County Department of Transportation are prepared for excessive rain, should that occur.

Also, Lee County has been experiencing drier than usual conditions this year. As of the end of November, the county’s rainfall total sat at 10.5 inches below normal. This has created a lower water table and increased capacity to handle a rain event. In addition to the drier conditions, Natural Resources recently has completed waterway cleanup on 41 miles of natural and manmade waterways.

Residents in low-lying areas near tidal waters should anticipate slower drainage of rainfall, as higher-than-normal tides are expected starting early Sunday through Tuesday next week. High tides may slow the rate at which drainage systems can discharge.

DOT conducts ongoing maintenance on drainage ditches, which helps prepare the county’s roads for necessary drainage during rainfall events. Expect minor intersection and road flooding. During heavy rainfall, it will take the infrastructure time to drain.

With so many newcomers in Southwest Florida, the county would like to remind residents that roadside ditches and swales are designed to drain. However, they may hold water for some time during significant rain events.

The county asks the public to report blocked ditches, swales, canals and areas of local flooding:

  • First, to find out if your road is maintained by Lee County DOT, visit http://leegis.leegov.com/RoadLookup/. If it is not maintained by Lee County, find your municipal contact by visiting www.leegov.com/dcd/flood.
  • Second, put in a Request for Action (RFA) to improve surface water drainage along your county-maintained road by contacting the Request for Action Hotline at 239-533-9400 or www.leegov.com/dot/requestforaction.
  • People can use the same phone number and website to also report blocked creeks and streams (example: downed trees, collected debris). The reported information will be directed to Lee County Natural Resources.

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