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HouseRental Permit Application

City of Bonita Springs City Code  CHAPTER 12 ARTICLE VI requires that "every owner of a property in the City of Bonita Springs who rents a non-owner occupied single-family, duplex or multi-family (excluding any properties with more than six dwelling units that are regulated under Florida Statutes Ch. 718, Condominiums, or Florida Statutes Ch. 719, Homeowners Associations) dwelling, regardless of the term of the lease being transient (short term under six months, except for exemptions filed by lodging establishments) or a long term rental, is required to get a rental permit from the City Manager or designee prior to leasing, subleasing, renting or allowing the occupancy of such unit to another natural person or other natural persons, regardless of relationship to the owner".

Rental Permit Application

I.P.M.C. Basic Guidelines & Common Violations Packet

Sample Inspection Form

Bonita Springs City Code Chapter 12 Article IV

This completed application must be submitted with a permit fee of $100.00 per unit

Note: Once issued, such permit shall be valid for a three-year period commencing on the date of application submittal.

Rental applications can be mail or dropped off:

Mailing Address:

9101 Bonita Beach Road
Bonita Springs FL, 34135

Physical Address:

27300 Old 41 RD- Liles Hotel
Bonita Springs FL, 34135


Rental units within the City limits require a rental permit issued through the Neighborhood Services Department. This permit is required for units that are not governed by associations or property management groups governed by Florida State Statute Chapters 118, 119 and 120. In simple terms, if you live or own a complex that consist of six or more units and you function under a State recognized association, you do not have to get a rental permit. All other rental units require a rental permit.

The requirements for the rental permit are:

  • A complete application must be filed with the City Neighborhood Services Department with the required one hundred (100) dollar fee per unit;
  • The unit must be inspected by a Code Enforcement Officer- this inspection is for minimum living standards as required in the International Property Maintenance Code; this is conducted with the property owner or his/her designee/manager present at the inspection- inspection results are discussed at the time of the inspection, including any corrections that must be made to bring the property into compliance;
  • All violations of any City Ordinance or the International Property Maintenance Code must be brought into compliance before the permit is issued;
  • Revocation or non issuance of the rental permit can lead to the prevention of the owner to rent the unit.


The City has adopted the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code to regulate the maintenance of all structures within the City and to insure minimum standards for living in residential structures. This code is very involved as it covers the maintenance of structures and equipment that affect your living standards. As a renter, you are entitled to safe, sanitary, and healthy living conditions. As a landlord, you are required to maintain the structures to provide healthy, safe and sanitary living conditions to your tenants. This code helps in establishing minimum standards for dwelling units. These standards include:

  • Smoke/fire alarms/detectors in every sleeping room and adjacent hallway;
  • Windows to provide proper light and ventilation;
  • Windows and doors to provide proper ingress and egress;
  • Doors and windows to be weather tight and have safety equipment (locks);
  • Kitchens to have proper food preparation surfaces and utilities and be able to be maintained in a sanitary manner;
  • Floors and walls to be free of cracks, holes and breaks;
  • Bathrooms to have proper ventilation;
  • All rooms to have proper square footage for proper occupancy-dwelling units must not be overcrowded;
  • All plumbing and electric must be functioning properly and without hazards;
  • Screens must be on all openable windows;
  • All dwelling units must be free from infestation of rodents or other pests;
  • All units must be free of trash, junk, debris and other items that create rodent harborage;
  • The property must properly drain so that the foundation of the structure stays in good repair.

The above is a brief synopsis of what the International Property Maintenance Code covers. It is designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of all persons in the community. If you have questions, please call us.