Green Government

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Bonita Springs is an environmentally conscious city that values our relationship with the natural environment by providing efficient government operations, practices, and infrastructure to reduce our overall impact on the collective environment.

The City pursued and was awarded certification through the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) Local Government Standard to gain recognition for our environmentally friendly practices and policies.

The FGBC Green Local Government Standard designates Green Cities and Green Counties for outstanding environmental stewardship. The standard focuses on improving environmental performance through mediums such as energy, water, air, land, and waste. The City maintains annual FGBC membership and continually works to achieve credits and initiatives identified in the FGBC program. The City is committed to be a green community and to lead by example. This webpage highlights green programming and resources available that have been incorporated to comply with the FGBC standard.


Green Government 


Sustainability Strategy – Sustainability Strategy

Natural Resources Dashboard – Link

GIS / Online Data
City of Bonita Springs Online Permitting Services – Link
Lee County’s Spatial Information System (LeeSpInS) – Link
Lee County Property Appraiser – Link

        Eco-Tourism and Special Eco Events – Link

Wildlife Conservation
Protected Species List – Link
Sea Turtles – Link
Manatees – Link
Nature Place – Link

Local Food:
Farmers Market – Link
Community Gardens – Link
Backyard Hen Program – Link

Alternative Commuting
LeeTran – Link
Commuter Services – Link

Federal and State Environmental Resources
Environmental Protection Agency – Link
Florida Department of Environmental Education – Link

 Green building 

Green Building Program – Link
Solar Ready – Link
Florida Green Building Coalition – Link
United States Green Building Council – Link

Landscaping and Urban Nature                                                                                                                                             

Parks- Link
Florida-Friendly Landscaping- Link
Florida Yard and Neighborhoods Program – Link
Coccoloba Chapter FNPS- Link
Tree Protection – Link
Fertilizer Ordinance – Link
Landscape Code – Link
Lee County UF/IFAS Extension – Link
Tree Advisory Board – Link
Free Mulch – Link

 Water Quality and Conservation

Bonita Springs Utilities – Link
Water Conservation – Link
Water Quality Sampling Locations – Link
Surface Water -Water Quality Monitoring Report – Link
Municipal Separate Sewer Systems Annual Report – Link
Watershed Education Training – Link

 Air Quality

AirNow – Link


FPL (Rebates/Energy Audits) – Link
Energy Star – Link

 Recycling / Solid Waste

Solid Waste – Link
Recycling – Link
Florida 75% recycling Goal – Link