Bonita Beach Area Access

City of Bonita Springs Beach Residents Will No Longer Need the Early Access Passes to access the Bonita Beach Area beginning October 14th

Bonita Beach residents will no longer need early access passes to visit the Bonita Beach area beginning October 14th at 7am. The City opened the Recreation Center last weekend to accommodate beach residents and/or their designee by providing early access passes to assess damage, reinforce homes and get belongings, if necessary.

 On October 14th at 7am there will no longer be a checkpoint at the entrance of Bonita Beach. Traffic will be permitted onto Bonita Beach between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM. Residents, contractors, and business owners are permitted on the beach.

There is no access from Bonita Beach to Fort Myers Beach, traffic should reroute.

The following bridges remain closed: New Pass, Big Carlos Pass Bridge and Big Hickory Pass Bridge. Lee County DOT is coordinating with FDOT to determine temporary and permanent repairs for these bridges.

Please understand that work is underway on the beach and there are intermittent delays due to work trucks crossing. Traffic should be advised to use caution driving on Hickory Blvd, as there are areas along the roadway that have been destroyed. The City will not be liable for any damage to vehicles due to the condition of the road and right of way. All vehicles must be parked in the appropriate driveway. Vehicles cannot block any portion of Hickory Boulevard.  For questions, please call 239-949-6262.


Upon entering the beach area, residents may see tags placed on their home.

A GREEN TAG placed on a structure is for first responders. It allows them to track structures they have searched. Green tags are not intended to provide safety information to the general public.
A RED TAG placed on a structure means the house/structure was found to be in hazardous condition. It has been determined to be uninhabitable in its current condition. While this does not necessarily mean the structure has been condemned or is structurally unsound, property owners entering structures with a red tag are doing so at their own risk and should use extreme caution.

All beach parks and beach accesses remain closed due to the significant amount of damage and storm debris. Large trees, limbs and construction debris are blocking all beach accesses, parking lots and beachfront areas. A significant amount of debris remains on area beaches, including debris buried under shallow sand and not immediately visible. It may be extremely dangerous. Recreational visits to area beaches are not recommended.
For additional questions regarding tags or permits please call Community Development at 239-444-6150.