City Council Approved Initiating Facility Assessment Studies on Six City Properties
City Council Approved Initiating Facility Assessment Studies on Six City Properties
Posted on 06/08/2022
City HallDuring the June 1st meeting, City Council authorized staff to execute a multi-year contract with Weston and Sampson for facility assessments on eighteen city buildings on six city properties. This analysis with being used to prioritize the capital improvements and determine the current baseline conditions of the buildings/grounds. The assessments will also ensure the buildings meet maintenance requirements.

The assessments will focus on the conditions of six cities properties, as well as the eighteen separate buildings that are located on these grounds:
1. Recreation Center, 26740 Pine Avenue
2. Former Library, 26876 Pine Avenue
3. Community Pool, 26890 Pine Avenue
4. Sheriff’s Office substation, 10520 Reynolds Street
5. Liles Hotel, 27300 Old 41 Road
6. Everglades Wonder Gardens, 27180 Old 41 Road

The assessments will include observations of facilities and grounds, laser scanning, drone use, and material sampling and testing to determine condition. Assessment will include interior and exterior assessments of the grounds, building structure, and interior components. This will determine the condition and compliance of the following:

• The building envelope- cladding, glazing, and roofing/waterproofing) (All Buildings tabulated above, as applicable)
• Perimeter review and integrity assessment of components
• Building Code issues
• ADA compliance
• Electrical systems
• Information Technology (IT)-assessment and evaluation of network topology, network functionality, and network environment
• Plumbing systems
• Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) systems
• Fire protection systems
• Interior spaces
• A general overview of the grounds will assess the parking lot paving and striping, parking lot layout, parking lot landscaping, drainage, utilities, parking lot lighting of the grounds, and animal enclosure structures (Site 6 only).

After the six sites are evaluated and assessed, Weston and Sampson will develop a priority list. This will determine the order and schedule in which the buildings are improved, and needs are addressed.

Priority 1 – Currently Critical (Immediate)
• Correct a cited safety hazard
• Stop accelerated deterioration
• Return a facility to operation

Priority 2 - Potentially Critical and/or Necessary (Years 1 - 5)
• Intermittent operations
• Active deterioration
• Potential life safety hazards
• Predictable deterioration
• Potential downtime
• Associated damage or higher costs if deferred further

Priority 3 – Recommended (Beyond Year 5)
• Sensible improvement to existing conditions either to improve overall usability and/or reduce long-term maintenance and utility costs.
• Stop accelerated deterioration

Once Weston and Sampson have assessed the six properties, they will produce and submit a final report to the City with necessary recommendations.