Hurricane Dorian Update Statement
Hurricane Dorian Update
Posted on 08/30/2019
City HalThe City of Bonita Springs is actively monitoring Hurricane Dorian. All residents are encouraged to have a plan in place and to continue to monitor the storm. City staff will be maintaining contact with the Emergency Operations Center.

For additional information please visit Lee County Emergency Management at

For information about flood protection please visit:

In preparation of storm season the City has conducted storm water inspections to include:
· 757 Inlet Inspections
· 1023 Pipe Inspections
· 107 Pond Inspections

The City has also completed $1,371,726.85 of storm water maintenance.

Inlets/Junction Box Replaced - 33

Dry Retention Ponds Maintained - 17

Ditch/Swales Sprayed, Mowed, Reconstructed, or Replaced  - 27 Miles

Pipe Repaired or Replaced - 2 Miles