The Street Light Advisory Committee reviews citizens’ requests for new lighting. They investigate things like the location of transformers, interfering shrubbery, private property or roads that would restrict services, as well as many other issues. 

The Committee also studies the City lighting map to determine areas that need additional lighting. In addition to this, they investigate streetlight outages, obtaining the number on the pole.  The number on the pole is like a street address for the pole; this makes it easier for FPL to find and repair the outage.

The board members are a dedicated group who take action to get the job completed. 

The  Street Light Advisory Committee was created in September 2002 by Resolution 02-57 and is comprised of three to seven members who are residents of the City of Bonita Springs and appointed by City Council. 

The Street Light Advisory Committee meets every 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm at City Hall.