Historic Preservation

The mission of the Historic Preservation Board is to identify, evaluate, preserve and protect historical and archaeological sites and districts within the City of Bonita Springs Florida.


The purpose of the board is to review historic sites, areas, structures and buildings for possible designation as historic resources and determine the historical significance of a designated historical resource. Prior to changes to a historic structure or property, the board issues certificates of appropriateness to protect these resources. The board encourages historic preservation by creating programs of technical assistance and financial incentives for preservation practices. It works to stabilize and improve property values through the revitalization of older residential and commercial neighborhoods. The board promotes historic preservation activities and educational programs aimed at fostering a better understanding of the community’s heritage.

Historic Walking Tour of Downtown Bonita Springs

Tour 1 – Shangri La

 Tour 2 – Liles Hotel


Tour 3 – The Haldeman House

 Tour 4 – The Nutting House

 Tour 5 – The Williams – Packard House


Tour 6 – The Goodbread Grocery


Tour 7 – Bonita Springs Elementary School


Tour 8 – The McSwain House