FPL/Bonita Springs City Streetlight Conversions
FPL/Bonita Springs City Streetlight Conversions
Posted on 11/22/2019
Busy nightime roadway with streetlighting

City Council reviewed a presentation on Wednesday regarding FPL’s HPS to LED pilot program. The FPL program was created to help Florida city’s convert their current high-pressure sodium streetlights to modern LED lighting. FPL has offered the city of Bonita Springs the opportunity to join the program to upgrade the city’s street lights to LED free of charge.

 With the help of the Public Works Department, FPL plans to modernize 1115 high-pressure sodium streetlights located along the city’s local and side streets to new LED lighting. The more efficient LED lighting would provide higher acuity lighting hues to city streets and walkways while also having a direct impact on the reduction of light pollution on the city’s sky. The new lighting also provides the city with a wide range of lighting fixtures to accommodate a wide range of aesthetical tastes. The proposed upgrade to LED lighting would create annual savings to the city of around $10,404.36.

                  Council members unanimously decided to approve moving forward to join the pilot program.