Public Records Request

For a public records request please contact the City Clerk, Debbie Filipek.

Public Records Request Fee Schedule

In order to assist you better, please consider using the following tools to aide in filing an open records request for property located within the City of Bonita Springs.


Community Development planning, zoning, local development orders, and building permitting information may be queried as follows:

  1. Lee County Community Development was the permitting entity for the City of Bonita Springs prior to incorporation and up to June 29, 2008.  Please use the Lee County E-Connect system to search for permits through a variety of fields, including permit number, STRAP, project name, address, etc.  In some circumstances zoning and local development order files can be viewed and downloaded by name and/or case number.  Please see below and follow the prompts listed on the respective webpages.

Lee County Case File Search:


Development Orders/Local Development Orders


All request for Lee County permits must be made through Lee County.

  1. After June 30, 2008, the City of Bonita Springs started its own Community Development Department. Please use the City of Bonita Springs Permit E-portal to search for permits through a variety of fields, including permit number, project name, and address.
  2. For general code violations, please contact City of Bonita Springs Neighborhood  Services


Additional permitting information may be retrieved by the following agencies: