Special Events & Communications

Lora Taylor (239) 949-6235communications
Communications Director
Email:  gro.s1477544086gnirp1477544086satin1477544086obfoy1477544086tic@r1477544086olyaT1477544086.aroL1477544086

Jose Duran (239) 949-6262
IT Manager
Email: gro.s1477544086gnirp1477544086satin1477544086obfoy1477544086tic@n1477544086aruD.1477544086esoJ1477544086

Patrick Lippy (239) 949-6238
Online Content & Communications Strategist
Email: gro.s1477544086gnirp1477544086satin1477544086obfoy1477544086tic@y1477544086ppiL.1477544086kcirt1477544086aP1477544086

Sharleen Johnson (239) 949-6234
Sr. Administration Assistant Communications Department
Email: gro.s1477544086gnirp1477544086satin1477544086obfoy1477544086tic@n1477544086osnho1477544086J.nee1477544086lrahS1477544086

Kendra Gilreath (239) 949-6262
Community Relations Specialist
Email: gro.s1477544086gnirp1477544086satin1477544086obfoy1477544086tic@h1477544086taerl1477544086iG.ar1477544086dneK1477544086

Addison Smelko (239) 949-6262
Support Technician
Email: gro.s1477544086gnirp1477544086satin1477544086obfoy1477544086tic@o1477544086klemS1477544086.nosi1477544086ddA1477544086


Attention: The City of Bonita Springs is going forward with an extensive Downtown Improvement Project. There will be ongoing construction in the Downtown  area. This may affect your permitting. The City will notify you in advance if you may need to be relocated to another City facility or if the City will not be able to grant any additional permits due to the construction schedule. We apologize for this inconvenience.  

Completed Special Event Permits take 30 days to process with all necessary attachments and without errors. Your permit will go to the next City Council Meeting after the 30 days. Please take this into consideration when planning your event.


Miscellaneous Forms:

For more information call 239-949-6262