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For information call 239-949-6257, Mon.-Fri. 8:00 am. to 5:00 pm.
Fax Number – 239-947-5145

Most Common Violations

The following is a list and brief description of the most common violations our Neighborhood Services Department handles. If you have any of these violations, please understand that you must remove the violation from your property. If you have any questions, please call Neighborhood Services at (239) 949- 6257.


    • Having junk, trash, debris or other waste materials on your property including discarded materials and horticultural waste;
    • Having vehicles on your property that are non-operable (not road worthy), unlicensed/unregistered, junk, or in a state of disrepair;
    • If your grass and weeds are over sixteen (16) inches in height you must have your property mowed and maintained;
    • If your lot is overgrown with invasive plants, or other growth that is considered exotic (not native to Florida), your property must be cleared of these exotics and properly maintained to prevent re-growth;
    • Vehicles must be parked on improved surfaces- either driveways or improved areas for parking (can be gravel)- for residences: driveways and parking areas cannot exceed thirty (30) percent of the front yard area/ forty (40) percent if the area is a circular driveway;
    • Commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of more then twelve thousand (12,000) pounds cannot be parked in residential areas;
    • All structures must be maintained to be free from cracking, fading and peeling paint; must be free of mildew and other growth spores; must not have any broken or boarded windows; and maintained in a safe and sanitary condition;
    • All structures require address numbers on the buildings that can be easily seen from adjacent roadways.


The following signs are PROHIBITED:

  • Any sign placed in any street right of way, on any street sign, across any sidewalk, in any street median; nailed or tacked to any trees, fire hydrants, utility boxes or any other public utility; any “snipe” sign; any roof signs; and any sign that creates a nuisance or a safety hazard.


If your hiring a contractor make sure they are licensed in this County and with the State. You can call Lee County Contractor Licensing to verify their status. You should do this prior to hiring the contractor and be careful of paying any contractor up front. Licensed contractors must have their license numbers on all paper work, and they should be more then willing to share their license number with you. The number for Lee County Contractor Licensing is 239- 533-8895, or call us if you have any questions.


The use of any street right of way for any business is not permitted. This includes:

    • Parking vehicles, boats or other items in right of ways “For Sale”;
    • Vending- selling from cars, trucks, or vans any retail or wholesale items including food;
    • Placing of any signs for “Garage Sales” or “Open Houses”, or any other event;
    • Parking- especially if the area is posted with “NO PARKING” signs.


The City does have a Noise Ordinance that regulates nuisances regarding specific events and times of day. This is a rather involved Ordinance. The most common violations of the Noise Ordinance are:

  • Beginning construction prior to seven (7) in the morning and working beyond seven (7) in the evening;
  • Loud radios, machines, drums, amplified music, etc. during the night is handled by the Lee County Sheriff’s Department- contact them at (239) 477-1200.
  • Barking dogs or other domestic animal related noise complaints please contact Lee County Animal Services at (239) LEE-PETS (533-7387)


  • To deliver exceptional government service
  • To uphold and enforce Codes and Ordinances established to protect the Public Health, Safety, and Welfare of all residents, business owners, and visitors.
  • To provide an environment where people will enjoy living, working, playing and investing.


To educate the public about the codes and ordinances and to obtain voluntary compliance. Strive to perform our duties in a fair, professional and courteous manner;

  • Develop and establish standards and ordinances that ensure positive effects on property value, community appearance, and neighborhood pride;
  • Partner with other departments and agencies to reach our common goal;
  • Partner with community organizations and associations and assist them in reaching common goals;
  • Establish and maintain a proactive environment to help solve community problems and stay at the forefront of creative and effective Code Enforcement.

Neighborhood Services Operating Principle: The “ACE” Principle:

  • ACTION– We are proactive in serving the community;
  • COMMUNICATION– Professional public education is essential;
  • EFFECTIVENESS– Compliance and a safe, healthy, clean environment is the end result of our program.

Please help us “Keep the Beautiful in Bonita”



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