District 1- Amy Quaremba


Amy and her husband, Jim, chose Bonita Springs for their home in 2010. It was an obvious choice because the community has so much to offer. The list of attractions grows as each day passes. Amy is proud of her first generation Italian American heritage, having experienced first-hand the miracle of The American Dream. She has a strong academic record, graduating with Honors in Math from Chestnut Hill College with a B.S. degree. She then earned a Master’s degree from The University of Hartford and a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut, both in Economics.

She began her career with the National Security Agency, later serving as an analyst at the Institute for Defense Analyses. She married Dan Burns, a U.S. Navy medical officer, and welcomed two children into her family. Amy later taught as an Adjunct Professor of Economics at Trinity College before joining a securities firm. More recently, before moving to Bonita Springs, she co-founded a successful investment advisory firm in Hartford, Connecticut. These final career moves proved to be crucial, because she suddenly had to contend with untimely widowhood. As the sole supporter of her young family, she soon discovered that hardship can build strength.

Her life experiences have molded Amy and taught her valuable lessons about financial prudence, problem-solving and how best to build a community. On the city council, she will strive for efficient and careful spending, mindful of the burdens that debt places on taxpayers. She understands the importance of government, business and citizens working together to improve their communities. She will listen to your concerns and will persuasively communicate them to her colleagues on the Council.


Amy Quaremba
City Council District 1, City of Bonita Springs

Contact Information:
Office: (239)-949-6262
Email: gro.s1521817168gnirp1521817168satin1521817168obfoy1521817168tic@a1521817168bmera1521817168uq.ym1521817168a1521817168