Strategic Priorities 2020
Strategic Priorities 2020
Posted on 01/15/2020
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At Council’s December 18, 2019 meeting, Council was provided with the 2018/2019 list of Strategic Priorities to review and to revise at their pleasure. Staff wishes to have formal adoption of the Priorities for the 2019/2020 Fiscal year. This will assist with staff prioritization of projects and potential grant applications. Upon review, council has decided to formally adopt the 2019/2020 Strategic Priorities.

 2019/2020 Strategic Priorities

1.) Improve Storm Water Management
• Develop strategy
• Schedule for implementation
• Financing
• Storm Water Utility
• Review/ inspection of neighborhood management systems and maintenance

2.) Transportation
• Multimodal
• Complete Streets
• BB Rd Vision
• Quadrant Plan
• Sun Trail (railroad and Hickory Blvd)
• Logan Boulevard
• South Forest Mere ROW
• Traffic light traffic delays
• Organize participation from other entities
• Funding strategy

3.) Strengthen/Enhance City Finances
• Long term strategic financial evaluation and cash flow constraints effect on objective
• Improve grant strategy and process
• Establish Storm Water Utility Fee
• Review franchise rates
o Communications Services Fee
o Electric Franchise Fee

4.) Environmental Protection
• DRGR Protection: preserve large northern DRGR tracts
• Storm water management and conservation; Florida Forever and 20/20 Programs
• Beach and river water access preservation

5.) Community Aesthetics: Develop and Implement Urban Design
• Improve look of the city
• Parks: Develop and implement urban design standards in light of available funds
• Review of city physical assets identify responsible parties, program to improve
• Establish city icon
• Inventory areas to see what can be done

6.) Strengthen/Enhance Council Relations
• Message coordination
• Activism strategy
• Improve and strengthen relationships with other government jurisdictions
o State of Florida
o Lee County
o Recognize process imposed by others
o Quadrant Plan
o Landscaping on Bonita Beach Road
o Lee County bridge proposal
o Lee Tran
o Beach parking
o FEMA grant (LMS)
o Federal Delegation
o FEMA & transportation opportunities
o State of Florida funding

7.) Government Transparency: Increase Outreach/ Accessibility to Citizens
• Put on action list completion of Neighborhood /HOA contact; list used for emergency response and activate it
• Establish quarterly contact with contact list
• Outreach committee mission
• Improve communication, website, social media etc.
• Increase outreach accessibility to citizens
• Community contacts to incorporate into Emergency Plan

8.) Economic Development: Attract highest quality economic development through City’s vision of high urban design standards, multimodal and downtown revitalization and vision.
• High urban standard
• Multimodal
• Implement visions
• Downtown Revitalization
o Consider next steps to development projects for downtown
o Stabilize Wonder Gardens
o Completion of library
o Dixie Moon
o Unified signage plan