Budgets for Hurricane Irma funding
Incoming FEMA Grant Funds
Posted on 12/18/2019
Flooded residential area of Bonita Springs

Due to incoming additional FEMA grant funds stemming from Hurricane IRMA, City Council approved a budget increase for the 2020 fiscal year. In August 2019, Governor DeSantis sent correspondence to President Trump requesting that the FEMA participation for Hurricane Irma be increased to 90%. This request was approved and the State of Florida Emergency Management Division has now provided adjusted amounts for this increased funding. These increases are processed individually for each of the City’s projects, and the city received its first adjustment on October 10th. Funding from these adjustments, which was received by November 30, 2019, was recognized as revenue for the fiscal year ended September 20, 2019, in accordance with governmental accounting standards. However, not all of the funding was received before the 2019 fiscal year ended, and the additional $191,109.20 was presented to the council in today’s meeting for approval in the 2020 fiscal year’s budget.