Doing Business with The City

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Bonita Springs is a business friendly environment.

Encouraging community revitalization and promoting economic opportunity for all segments of the population is a key component in ensuring a high quality of life. It is essential to retain, attract, and maintain the type of businesses that contribute positively to the local economy. The City leverages public incentives and assistance to promote community revitalization, and to attract and induce investment in local businesses.

The City of Bonita Springs not only assists individual businesses, but also focuses on strengthening business organizations and improving business districts throughout Bonita Springs. We have several programs that strengthen Bonita Springs’ small business communities.

Recent Accomplishments to Encourage Business Retention and Expansion:

City Council voted to support the establishment of the first Economic Development Council for Bonita Springs in Partnership with the Chamber of Commerce with $25,000 investment, followed by up to another $75,000 in matching funds.

City Council Passed Impact Fee Waiver to help bring business to Bonita Springs.

  • Bonita Springs City Council unanimously approved a resolution providing for changes in the requirements for the assessment of impact fees for changes of use in existing commercial buildings.
  • Starting in August 2010, the City of Bonita Springs began a two year program in an attempt to stimulate occupancy in empty commercial space.
  • The ordinance has a dual purpose, to help fill the over-supply of existing vacant commercial space and to bring new year round businesses to Bonita Springs to help diversify the economy.
  • City “Business Friendly” Resolution proclaims the City of Bonita Springs a “Business Friendly” environment.
  • Bonita Springs Economic Development Council was incorporated in the state of Florida on February 14, 2011.
  • Amendment to the Bonita Springs Land Development Code Chapter 4 (Zoning), amending certain provisions so  that special exceptions and variances can be processed by resolution instead of ordinance. The amendment is for the City of Bonita Springs to decrease the process time for approval or denial of special exemptions and variances by upwards of sixty(60) days.


City Council, Bonita Springs Utilities and Bonita Springs Fire and Rescue District have committed to:

  • Develop and carry out comprehensive and coordinated permit and plan review processes to facilitate the timely issuance of building permits and plan reviews
  • Facilitate an initial coordinated meeting with business owners to answer questions pertaining to rules, regulations and procedures
  • Set up a coordinated inspection procedure for all building permits, sites plan inspections and reviews
  • Establish a staff designee from each entity to be the EDC contact person

Examples of Local Success:

Retina Eye Care Center-Dr. Patel saved $26,000 on his first tenant due to the waiver of impact fees for change of use. As he adds more tenants, his savings will grow.

Dr. Nicholas Marciano– Local Dentist saved more than $40,400 on impact fees. Medical impact fees would have been $58,684.83 compared to office which is $17,942.05. In addition, he will bring a new business, a Dental Lab to town adding three to four additional jobs.


The Downtown Bonita Springs Merchants Association Inc.

Still in its infancy, the Downtown Bonita Springs Merchants Association was formed in 2010 and is dedicated to:

•Promoting cooperation in all matters of interest to the business and professional owners of the Downtown Bonita Springs Business District area;

•Stimulating awareness of the businesses and services available in the Downtown Bonita Springs Business District;

•Participate in shaping the current and emerging business environment to promote high-quality products and services; and

•Attracting additional businesses to the Downtown Bonita Springs Business District.